giovedì 6 settembre 2012

from Milan Italy, DIY Hard Core Punk 
against the system since 1994
 no money, no fashion, just passion
2 demos
2 albums
many participations to DIY international compilation:
Italy, Malesya, Singapore, Germany, France...

A lot of gigs in northern Italy, Suisse and Germany

in company of many international bands:
Uk Subs, Marky Ramone, Raw Power, Los Fastidios, Vibrators, Ministri, Svetlanas, DDI, Pay, Divide&Conquer, Agnosy, Kalashnikov, Casualties, Massgrave

and with a lot of local bands:
Maze, Deep Strain, Ruggine, Vinyl, Andy's donutz, Knife 49 & president, Brambillas, Club27, Upward, Killer Sound, Machete, Karkavejia, Talco, Kattiva reputazione, RFT, Ingegno, Congegno, Anestesi, Set Me Free, Incudine, GHCP, Implosion, Reality, Zheros, Trivision, Shaa, Less Than Zhero, Mach5, Half my time, Uomo Involtino, Titty Twinster, A reason for, Atrox, Gramigna, Moop, NES , Zheros, Medium Beer..